Dr. Catsby’s bowl is an ergonomic design to relieve Whisker Fatigue for cats.

Whiskers help cats “see” and “feel”, are ultra sensitive. Traditional bowl with a raised sidewall can cause extreme discomfort and even pain when the whiskers are forced into contact with the sidewall. This is called Whisker Fatigue. Some of the signs that the cats are suffering include hesitation to eat, pulling food onto the floor to eat and not finishing their food…

Our patent pending design eliminates the sidewalls. Instead, we designed a beautifully shaped dome that never comes into harsh contact with the whiskers. The geometry is the result of careful design iterations. The curved surface also keeps the food always at the center for an elegant dining experience.

the size is based on daily recommended food volumes of over 80 foods to prevent overfeeding. The food grade stainless steel eliminates bacteria growth (often found on porous materials like plastic), reducing the chances of abscesses and feline acne. The silicone base prevents the bowl from sliding. We wish to create a design with lasting appeals to our customers and their owners:)

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