This zipper camping chair is the easiest way to adjust the shape of chair for the many body types. This chair has variable structure of angle, width and high for many types of body like example of lean,overweight,kids and westerner or asian people.

The zipper chair is not applied complicated mechanism on frame, There is just a simple zip on fabric. Because the fabric seat hangs on frame and connects all parts of chair, The zipper which is attached to fabric can control shape of chair’s frame easily. By opening or closing the zip, the chair can be wider or narrower, and also be higher or lower.

The design of other parts except the zip part is simplified, so that the visual attention is focused on zip part. And, In between two part of zip, Unique pattern is printed. When user open the zip, Pattern is appeared. That will be fun point of this chair. And also, The pattern part can be produced as various model by changing the pattern.

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