Üpon bike tent is designed especially for biking travelers who need comfortable shelter that extremely lightweight. This single-person tent is roomy with good ventilation. All stitching lines and 2 windows are sealed with waterproof seam tape to ensure riders sleeping dry and well. Upon Tent is connected and supported by bike and air pillar which help reduce the weight and packed size to extreme light and small.

All the accessories are multi-functional:

Pack sack can be used as a temporary water bag.

Air pillar can be used as a floating device.

Three elastic ropes can be used as clotheslines and straps to secure baggage.

Persons: 1
Seasons: 3
Packed volume: 16 cm x 30 cm
Tent weight: 1.15kg (Included: 3 guy lines, 1 air pillar, 1 Patented
blowing valve, 1 pack sack)
Ground area: 80 cm x 220 cm
Tent height: 100cm / 70 cm
Tent fabric: 100% Nylon, Tent 40D, Ground Sheet 70D
Air pillar fabric: 100% Polyester 75D + TPU
Color: Green or Yellow

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