We have noticed that all of the other camping lights on the existing market are relatively large, burdening the outdoorsman more than they should, while the functions of these products are relatively similar, limiting the flexible uses to which they can be applied. For that, we develop the idea of a more compact and multi-functional camping light. The UL360 is a tiny pocket lantern that comes with 360 degree full angle lighting directions. With 1*AA battery, it has two modes in high 70lm low 10lm and can throw up to 5 meters. The tail has a twist switch for turning on and off, engaging the two lighting modes of bright and dim light to meet the needs of different environments. To ensure the compact size and expanded use, the UL360 is about the size of a thumb, weighs only 63g even with battery. Also, it comes with a magnetic bottom plate, a bungie cord and an S-biner, which allow end-users to magnetically attach, hook or tie it up for various mounting options, making the UL360 that much more useful.

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