The stæp street scooter mobility system is available in a non powered and an electric powered version. The scooter is foldable for a minimum footprint and therefore ideal for commuting and in combination with public transport. the scooter is frameless, front and rear part connected by a plank similar to a skateboard. In combination with large size air-wheels it acts like a air damper system making the ride smooth and comfortable. It is a cool way of “street-surfing”. The scooter is equipped with hydraulic brakes, so it can be safely used in hilly terrain. It is also suitable for offload rides. And finally it has a low weight due to the aluminum front and rear part. the non powered version is 6kg and the electric version 11kg.
The folding system is state of the air and folds against the load when riding. Front and rear fork are one sided two be able to fold past the plank minimizing the footprint. It is an ideal vehicle for commuters, campers, boat people and can be used as an emergency vehicle in the trunk of the car.

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