SWIZA Swiss Knife – revival of an icon Fusing the characteristics of an active lifestyle with the heritage of over a century in Swiss knife making, enabled us to take the next step in the evolution of this product. Designing an iconic product, which is probably one of the most known worldwide, implied a lot of responsibility to deliver the right design. The design of the Swiss Made SWIZA Knife makes a clear visual statement. It is modern, reduced and focused on material, function and finish. By introducing the curved handle shape, we created not only a recognizable product, but also improved the handling. In combination with the slightly raised convex scales and a nonslip-surface-finish this results in a secure and anatomically correct grip when using the knife. Similar to a clockwork there is a strong mechanical side to the product. Each component is carefully detailed. The handle shape and the die-cut slots in the tools harmonize and make everything easily accessible, with either the left or right hand, even under adverse conditions. Innovations like the seamless integrated blade-lock tell their story when you touch, use and carry the product day in day out.

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