The Swivel chair is the first truly portable 360 degrees swivel chair. The design challenge was to achieve intended function and comfort with portability, simplicity and durability. A superbly designed and engineered hub piece is at the core of this innovation. Helinox Swivel Chair packs down into the space of a 2 liter water bottle and weighs only 1.2 kg but can carry a weight of 145 kg. Due to the single corded pole structure it sets up quick and easy. The frame is made of high strength aluminium by using the unique DAC alloy TH72M which offers next to reliability a lower weight than conventional aluminium. The seat is made of easy to clean fabric.

The swivel option makes the chair suitable for all activities where you need some more freedom of movement.You can think about cooking on a camp site, bird watching, hunting but also when being a spectator at a sports activity. All existing swivel chairs are either heavy or have a huge pack size, so we thought there should be a lighter truly portable alternative.

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