The practical card-format Swisscard Nailcare pocket knife from Victorinox includes classic tools as well as a glass nail file. You will be bowled over by the quality and functionality of its compact design. The flat pocket tool fits in any pocket and is a useful helper for every day. Red Dot 21 recommends this product from the trusted Swiss family company that has won a Red Dot.

Pocket tool with 13 functions and glass nail file

Swisscard Nailcare is no ordinary pocket knife. Instead, it is a pocket tool with the customary functions of a Swiss pocket knife, but is much easier to transport. With a length of just 8.2 cm, it is the size of a credit card and weighs just 26 g. Despite the small format, it offers 13 functions that everyone wants from a pocket tool. There are a total of four screwdrivers in different sizes – up to 5 mm – in the Swisscard, two of which are high-quality Phillips screwdrivers.

The card side can be used as a measure in inches and centimetres, while the inside contains a tweezers, a toothpick, a pressurised ballpoint pen, a magnifying glass and a pin made from stainless steel. Instead of a letter opener like in other models in the series, as the name suggests, the Swisscard Nailcare contains a high-quality nail file. The special feature is that the abrasive grains are integrated in the glass as pores and do not wear away. The file thus retains its strength and filing power for longer and can be cleaned easily under running water. The scissors integrated in the pocket knife rounds off the practical nail set for on the go. This means you can clean your nails directly after any dirty work.

Tried-and-tested quality from the Swiss traditional company Victorinox

The Swisscard Nailcare pocket knife comes from the tradition-steeped company Victorinox. The Swiss family-owned company has earned a global reputation through production of the Swiss pocket knife. Karl Elsener founded the knife-making workshop back in 1884, and soon after he laid the foundations for the production of the legendary Swiss pocket knife. Still today, the products from Victorinox stand for quality, carefully selected materials, a high-quality finish and clever operating concepts. These features were combined in the Swiss Nailcare set, resulting in a clever pocket tool for on the go that meets the needs of a sophisticated design without falling short on practicality.

Product features

  • Height: 4.5 mm
  • Length: 82 mm
  • Weight: 26 g
  • Cover material: ABS / Cellidor
  • Tools: Glass nail file, toothpick, pressurised ballpoint pen, stainless steel pin, scissors, 3 mm screwdriver, 5 mm screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver 1 – 2, Phillips screwdriver 00 – 0, magnifying glass
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