SNOOZY is a flat packed two person portable sleeping unit, capable of being in-stalled and used virtually anywhere. Being deployed in just a few minutes it´s ready for temporary events, permanent installations, emergency shelters, and can even be stacked to create mobile hotels.

The SNOOZY has a bespoke aluminum lightweight extruded frame system designed to allow seamless integration of all structural elements to work together. The main exterior is wrapped in a Sealed Air Inflated Skin, this Aircell is constructed from a heavy duty flexible fabric which is able to support the tension and hold the air pressure required for the unique structural integrity of the Pod.

The SNOOZY comes as standard with a high level of contemporary interior fit out including, sliding door, beds, usb power supply, led lighting, security, storage and a great ambience.

The SNOOZY has been designed for fast and easy to installation in under 6 minutes with 2 men. It folds and clips together to enhance the experience of setting up and using the Snoozy. It travels with 35 units in a 40ft Container easy and secure to explore exiting global destinations.

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