The Vaavud Sleipnir Wind meter turns your smartphone into a high-tech meteorological tool. Just download the free app, follow the simple on-screen instructions, plug in the device and you are ready to check out the wind!

The Vaavud Sleipnir is the first handheld wind meter in the world to actually measure the wind direction. The carefully engineered, asymmetrical blades ensure that the rotor accelerates slightly when the largest blade is hit by the wind. The built-in high-frequency sensor measures the speed of the rotor with great precision, and by comparing the point of maximum velocity to the compass direction, the wind direction can be determined.

The Vaavud Sleipnir is the tool of choice for a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts, from Sailers and kitesurfers to hikers and paragliders. Wind readings are automatically uploaded to a global live map for the benefit of the large and growing community of Vaavud users.

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