Sitpack is a foldable sitting device, small enough to fit in your pocket (6,6×16 cm) and handy enough to be unfolded in just a few seconds. It permits ergonomic resting everywhere you go and is inconspicuous enough to use in public.

Sitpack places the user in the same height (87cm) as a standing crowd, which makes it excellent for spectator events, where other foldable chairs would not allow the requested view.

Sitpack is designed for both active and people with limited mobility, and is rooted in Danish design traditions. With Sitpack, everybody can benefit from portable seating. Feedback from customer research includes: increased mobility, ability to engage in social and daily activities, improved spectator experiences, optimizing queuing or waiting.

Sitpack is injection molded, as it permits a scalable production. It is made by one material, for easy recycling, as no material separation is needed. The compact design can hold +130 kg, and incline the user to bring the product with them after use.

Sitpack just got funded on, where 2750 backers have ordered more than 5000 units in 40 days.

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