«BRUNNER METTLER» design new thermos flasks for Swiss heritage company SIGG.

The two smaller volumes are «mugs» without additonal drinking vessel – but with a tea strainer – and cover typically the needs of commuters. The bigger volumes respond to all longer activities without possibility of re-filling. They come with a generously dimensioned vessel which serves for drinking or for prepartion of simple meals with water.

«Recognizability» has priority for SIGG. The most important aesthetic attributes of the bottles: The typical shoulders and the screw top with the handy hole for opening and carrying. Both elements would be hidden if using the usual construction placing a screw goblet on the shoulders of the bottle. For this reason SIGG Thermos offers two positions for keeping the cup: A) Standard on the bottom of the bottle; ideal for displaying in stores and for carrying. B) Temporarily on the shoulders of the bottle.

The challenge: To bring the requirements of SIGG marketing, the technical demands (and contradiction) of a state of the art thermos construction and the hommage to a world known design – the famous SIGG classic – under one roof.

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