Rocky Mountain 5 Plus is the ultimate companion for any family camping trip. It features Coleman’s revolutionary patented BlackOut Bedroom® for a better and longer night’s sleep for you and your kids. Our patented technology blocks up to 99% of daylight, making it ideal for parents or anyone who’s sensitive to light, to get a more restful sleep.
We’ve created a more comfortable sleeping environment by engineering our tents to store energy from the sun into the surface of the fabric, ensuring that Coleman’s BlackOut Bedroom®, stays 5°C cooler during those long summer days and up to 1°C warmer at night.
Our Rocky Mountain 5 Plus tent was specifically designed to make your day-to-day camping experience relaxing, comfortable, and effortless. We’ve integrated a zippable entryway to easily sweep out debris for a quick and clean living area. You’ll also find plenty of space for the whole family, the easy to pitch tunnel construction with fibreglass poles, offers full head height throughout the tent. Combined with larger windows, a more spacious and light-filled living area is now created. With the Rocky Mountain 5 Plus, you’ll find that Coleman® delivers the added PLUS to your trip.

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