The PROSTAFF 3S is a compact, lightweight, and reasonably priced waterproof binocular with wide angle of view that is easy for even beginners to use. As an entry-level model, it was designed with dynamic modeling for easy promotion among those looking to purchase their first binocular. The PROSTAFF 3S design advertises its strength and novelty with adoption of a unique accent that encompasses the brand plate, designed to be slightly reminiscent of an animal’s eyes, positioned at the center of the binocular. In addition, both portability and comfortable operation were achieved by reducing the size of individual components as much as possible to make the binocular smaller while maintaining a firm and steady hold. Particular care was taken with texturing of the main body and grip portions of the binocular to emphasize both the sense of the PROSTAFF 3S as a reliable and authentic tool, as well as its individuality. The main body is elegantly textured with a slight gloss while a geometric texture has been effectively adopted for the grip portions to express a sense of functionality and innovation.

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