Small Foot pocket snowshoes are inflatable on demand when necessary. They are light, compact and comfortable. Revolution model folds down into easy-to-carry mini bags when you’re not using them and weigh just over a kilo. You can keep them with you at any time, so that you’re always prepared for both expected and unexpected snowfalls. Their unique design allows your boots to make solid contact with the surface beneath and provide excellent traction while keeping you afloat. The flexible structure allows excellent fitting to the terrain and removes any strain from the ankles. Adjustable heel lift system empowers ascents. In order to develop this product – snowshoes that have all the features of the conventional ones but can be folded up in a small case – we use only flexible, strong and durable materials. Cordura for the outer case, TPU film for the inner layer, webbing strap system combined with buckles and stainless steel crampons. This is extremely durable winter gear targeted at mountaineers, hikers, rescue services, special forces, people who practice extreme winter sports such as snowboarding, paragliding, BASE jumping, snow kiting, air boarding or just snowshoeing.

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