This Otto Kessler glove is an eye-catcher without being obstrusive.
The design combines the layering trend with a delicate lacing.
The downside of the glove is decorated with a subtle gathering and the Otto Kessler metal logo.
The timeless design as well as the high quality glacé leather makes it a long-lasting companion.
At Otto Kessler, we keep a close eye on the international fashion shows and top designers‘ trends, which stimulates our own creativity and filters through into the gloves we bring to you.
Fashion may be fleeting though, whilst a quality, timelessly beautiful product is eternal. For lovers of a more traditional style, Otto Kessler gloves have also everything a mature and comprehensive collection should offer.
Before any pair of gloves leaves our house more than twenty different production-steps have been applied.
No less then fifteen pairs of hands have invested their utmost care, expert handling and well-trained eyes, as much as their love to detail, to create a quality product which will match your highest expectations with regards to comfort and design.

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