Have you ever wanted to start dreaming with stars in the eyes? Oasis dome brings magic experience to you and your loved ones-it’s a portable arches structure that offers a 360-degree view of nature and the starry night sky. Rounded shape gives relaxed feeling. Oasis is for travelers, lovers, city people who love nature, sport activities, a solution for honey moon or just having a good time in any beautiful place on Earth-feel the nature with Oasis. The dome itself is covered with a clear canopy and bottom that is water-proof and wind-proof(round shape) for you to feel cozy and safe. Floor 7,4m2 is raised with 4 hood doors. Under the floor is storage space with2,1m3. Ventilation is installed in 7 sides with open/close zip and main output is in the roof.Upper curtains are designed to prevent direct sunshine. Plywood construction (impregnate) is easy to assemble by a team of two persons in 3 hours, dismounting takes only1,5 hours. All necessary instructions with illustrations, nuts, bolts and all the other parts you will need are included.The package 2600x750x50. You can mount Oasis wherever you like, but we strongly recommend you do it on a level surface in diameter of 4 meters.

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