The most advanced MONARCH ever, flagship MONARCH HG binoculars embody a style that hints at their level of performance, as well as nimble and comfortable use. With their superior optical performance, high level of waterproofing, and strength that stand up to the harshest environments, these binoculars provide users with authentic tools.
“A style that hints at their level of performance”: A structure comprised of curved surfaces was not adopted to achieve the comfortable grip. Rather, the firm and comfortable grip was achieved with the use of straight lines and sharp forms that hint at the high level of performance. This resulted in universally valued authenticity and superior operation.
“Nimble and comfortable use”: Use of elastomer materials with the appropriate hardness and gloss, and selection of the optimal texture for each operational component have achieved a better hold and more comfortable feel. In addition, integrated objective-lens caps that can be detached from the main body have been adopted.
A strong yet lightweight magnesium alloy has been adopted for a body that is strong, lightweight, and slim.

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