Probably the lightest tent in the world
– but definetely the smallest when packed

With a packsize of 11×22 cm Lofoten is the smallest tent in the world when packed – and with its 490 grams probably the lightest double wall one-man tent too…

Honouring the Danish design virtues of functionality and simplicity Lofoten is a revolutionary new innovative piece of gear offering maximum performance at a very low weight and size. Through the use of ultimate components the bar is raised and new standards set.

The foundation is the ultra light yet very strong latest generation aluminium poles designed with ultra short segments reducing the packsize to a minimum.

The new 7D nylon created by Nordisk weighs only 26 g/m2 with an extreme threadcount of 580 on which there is added a 3 layer silicone coating on both sides, ensuring high flexibility. The hydrostatic head is 1600 mm, which is enough to keep you dry and ensure a high ventilation inside. The new patented Nordisk Flex Line system ensures both high flexibility, durability and strength at the same time.

By changing to the two-man inner cabin Lofoten can transform from a one-man to a two-man tent – or the opposite.

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