With Lite Cot from Helinox, you can experience the comfortable side of camping.

Lite Cot camping bed from Helinox puts an end to the notion that camping beds are predestined to be uncomfortable. This lightweight cot is synonymous with comfort at all levels.

Light and comfortable

Lite Cot will win you over with its wonderful combination of functionality and comfort. With a total weight of just 1.3 kg, the cot is very light and also can be folded together to a very small size. As a result, the foldable camping bed is space saving and fits in any rucksack. This makes Lite Cot a suitable companion for overnighting at friends or for a camping trip. And that’s a good thing, because once you have tried out the lightweight cot, you won’t want to switch back to an air mattress. The unique tension system means that the surface provides optimum support for a pleasant sleep. In addition, the short feet and the high-quality rubber stoppers make the cot stable and prevent it from overturning or slipping.

High quality and easy to assemble

The comfort that Lite Cot offers goes beyond what you notice when you are lying on it. It is also very ease to assemble, as the camping cot can be put up with just a few hand movements. The material is extremely low maintenance, as both the ultralight aluminium alloy and the robust polyester can be cleaned using a damp cloth, thus ensuring a long life.

Award-winning design for a pleasant sleep

Lite Cot from Helinox means that a comfortable night’s sleep is now possible anywhere. Its small packing dimensions, light weight and high-quality finish round off the cot, making it the ideal companion for lots of occasions.

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