KarTent is a sustainable and affordable alternative to traditional tents. A paper based tent, ideal for 2 festival goers who want to pack light and festival organizers who want a more eco-friendly event. The use of KarTents at festival is fully managed by the organizers, who arrange, erect and then recycle the cardboard tents. While traditional tents are made of multiple materials such as cotton, nylon, metal etc. They are misaligned with the growing trend of festival goers, who leave their tent behind after the festival – creating an enormous waste pile of tents. Recycling of traditional tents is complicated and expensive.
While cardboard is not widely known for its water resistant qualities, the cardboard in the tent is of sufficient quality to last for several days in some showers. What’s more the production of one KarTent exhausts half the CO2 of a regular one, and all of the material of the KarTent can be recycled with ease.
It addition to its functionality and eco-friendly design, the cardboard material is a prime canvas to personalize your tent to your own taste – making your tent your personal pride at the festival!

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