The Hoehenfeuer Pot No. 1 is designed for outdoor enthusiasts like mountaineers and trekkers. For this target group, the pack size of their gear is of prime importance .

The patented innovation of the Hoehenfeuer Pot No. 1 is the flexible silicone extension which can be stowed in the pan. This allows to reduce the packing volume to 1 liter, while the usable cooking volume is 3.8 liters.

The use of silicone has several other advantages. In particular pouring-off or decanting hot water is greatly simplified by the insulating effect of the heat-resistant silicone. The base pan is made of hardanodized aluminum to minimize the weight.

The design and the color choice of the silicone extension is inspired by the color-blocking of outdoor clothing and highlights the above described function. Therefore the product clearly stands out from all other outdoor cooking pots, where metal (aluminum, steel) is the dominant material.

The product is currently in production. Technical prototypes were tested by several retailers. Available in retail (including Globetrotter, Bever, VeloPlus) by April 2014.

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