Guide OutDry

Guide OutDry is a range of working gloves that in short can cope with weather; by this we mean weather that most of us do not like. When the rain's coming in horizontally, when it's cold, wet and slushy.

The tougher the job and conditions you are faced with – the more you need Guide OutDry.

The OutDry® system is based on a patented lamination process: the waterproof and breathable membrane is bonded directly to the external glove’s shell by the action of pressure and temperature, creating a unique body which seals the stitching and any other potential water entry point.

Outdry is a breathable, wind and waterproof-breathable membrane bonded to shell fabric.

No loose layers to be pulled out.

Gloves breath better and stay flexible.

Superior grip compared to traditionel multi-layered membrane gloves.

Guide Outdry is truly waterproof and build for durability in extreme conditions for extencive period of time.

No gap to load with water between shell fabric and membrane.

Lining securly fixed.

Guide Outdry gloves stay light and dry.

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