The GoBites utensil line (Uno, Duo, and Trio) by humangear is the result of two years of design work involving extensive ergonomic-, materials- and user-testing.

Uno is an evolved fork/spoon combination utensil. We have innovated this two-in-one tool in subtle but significant ways.

First, the “U” shaped configuration of the tool ends (both ends curving in the same direction) affords natural and comfortable holding in either fork or spoon mode. A diagonal ridge visually highlights the blending of the two tools while simultaneously providing a comfortable resting place for the user’s thumb.

We have also added innovation around the tool ends. The tines on the sides of the fork feature tapering edges that help the user easily split food (works for both left- and right-handed users). The spoon shape was carefully considered too: the low-curvature edges allow the user to more-easily scrape the surfaces of containers to get the last food remains.

Lastly, we worked closely with a plastics firm to utilize a special, extremely-strong material that is food-safe and BPA-free. The material is so durable that we are able to offer a lifetime warranty on the product.

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