Gigseat is meant for outdoor use, specifically in uneven and hilly terrain. The seat may be used on BOTH SIDES, according to the gradient (10-25 degrees). The removable plug (plectrum) prevents the seat from sliding and keeps your bottom dry, whereas the hole between your feet is meant for carrying and keeping your cup in balance: the triangular shape makes it possible to fit flexible plastic glasses of 0,5 ltr and also keep a smaller cup in place. Gigseat is fit for most outdoor surfaces: grass, stone, sand and snow.
Good for the user: Comfortable seating in uneven terrain and in all seasons, hole to keep your drink from spilling.
Good for business: made for rough and repeated use, may be connected to one another by a combination unit to form flexible outdoor event seatings, perfect for ad hoc events such as festivals and sports arrangements: For rent? Precharged seats? For all? Improved facilitation for the audience adds value to the event. May be ordered in all colors, convenient for marketing purposes (think pixle graphics!).
Good for the environment: 100% recyclable, durable thermoplastic, easy to store, carry and reuse. Made in Norway = short distance to European markets.

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