Be cool – eat fresh fruit! Did you know only 25% of our population consumes the recommended daily amount of fruit? Fresh fruit is widely available, however other snacks are preferred, even processed fruit is preferred to a healthy piece of fresh fruit. The FruitFriends want to help us to improve this poor figure by improving fresh fruit’s attraction and making it easier to take it along. FruitFriends is an assortment of innovative fruit & food boxes which consists of: – apple box – banana box – snack box for fruit pieces – lunch box – water bottle The FruitFriends designs are very new, inspiring and attractive. They are very user friendly: dishwasher proof and with a simple lock with thumb-clip. The boxes are made of BPA-free plastic (polypropylene) and protect their content perfectly against shocks. Interesting is that they are made with an innovative technique: The white eye part is double injected which is unique in this category. Every FruitFriends comes with an included carabiner so you can attached it anywhere you want! The main target of Fruitfriends are children & youngsters, but also adult men & women. Eating fruit was never so much fun!

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