Keeping it at a low flame In many countries, people still cook with wood fires. For example, in Namibia, wood is the only energy source for the daily preparation of food for 74 per cent of rural households. The situation is dire: there is less and less firewood available and people need to travel further and further to find it. This difficult situation became the starting point for the development of the EzyStove. The stove is very simple in design with a small hearth on a supporting frame which accommodates saucepans and frying pans of all sizes. Wood is put into a separate compartment at the centre of the stove through a small chute. As a result of this innovative design, the fireplace is much smaller than for normal wood fires; thereby reducing wood consumption, but also CO2 emissions, by up to 40 per cent. This stove helps both to preserve local resources and also forests globally. EzyStove also provides a new form of protection for users. The stove’s frame and the air between the inner and outer frame work in such a way that the risk of burns is greatly reduced. The price of the stove is low, thus bringing it within reach of people in the countries for which it was designed. It can be flat packed for ease of transport, then assembled and sold by local workshops, making it a natural part of the local economy. The EzyStove is a well thought-out product in every way whose functional design provides solutions for both local and global problems.

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