The DOMO shelter system developed by morethanshelters can easily be adapted to crisis situations worldwide. Its modular design takes into account the diverse range of geographical and climatical conditions as well as cultural and social needs of the affected populations in emergencies.
The patented, foldable load-bearing structure is more stable and durable than standard market solutions and can be complemented with regional available materials. This is why, DOMO “grows” from a tent to a hut and to a house. All components are of standardized measurements, interchangeable and allow the reuse of components. DOMO offers protection in every weather condition due to its variable ventilation and the possibility of applying a second layer inside. To realise more flexible and larger structures, several DOMOs can be combined, so the system can be adapted to the changing needs arising over time. DOMO functions like a “building-kit” of possibilities.
Furthermore, DOMO can be used for events or festivals, as shelter or presentation area. Hence DOMO provides an ecological, cultural and economical sustainable solution for humanitarian and non-humanitarian needs.

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