The design of Titanium 8×42 HD binoculars reflects the close relationship between usability, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Thanks to the use of an additional flattener in the optical system, the flatness of the field was significantly improved and the distortion and edge defocus were reduced. A well-corrected flat field, high resolution, minimal chromatic aberration and a very large field of view make this set of binoculars a universal viewing device for any demanding user.

The binoculars have been designed to combine technical and usability features with aesthetics referring directly to the user’s passion for viewing. The design is inspired by plant shapes, which in a simplified form appear on the device’s housing. Also the drawing and the structure of leaves on the tubes allow a secure grip in the most extreme situations. The form and colors also play a significant camouflage function.

Each element, along with caps, has been designed to create a coherent whole.

The modern HD optical system with ED lenses and roof prisms together with refined ergonomics and original design make these binoculars an unmatched competitor in their price range.

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