Chase 12×50 ED is a compact set of binoculars for daytime viewing, reflecting the perfect compromise between usability, ergonomics and aesthetics contained in a minimalistic form.

The use of exceptional ED glass allowed to create binoculars with impressive sharpness throughout the entire field of view. Despite high magnification, the optical system is void of chromatic aberration. The comfort of observation was achieved thanks to special construction of lenses that are insensitive to non-axial viewing and free of darkening effect.

Housing design refers to the environment where binoculars’ are to be used with immense passion – the structure of the vertical lines on the tubes and the central focusing knob are inspired by the trunks of forest trees. It all emphasizes the relationship between the usable item and the environment in which it is used. The drawing and the structure of the line provide secure and comfortable support for the hand, combining the aesthetic and ergonomic aspects.

Each element of the binoculars, including caps, has been designed to form a coherent whole.

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