Rotate Chair provides a new experience to consumers through rotation, and maximizes user convenience and economic efficiency by minimizing consumption of physical strength, fuel and space. Therefore, it can be stably used on the uneven ground outdoors and realizes sustainable eco-affinity throughout all the processes from production to distribution and utilization. As a subminiature item with a similar size to a bottle of water, it is convenient to carry during packing, and can be used comfortably and stably due to its wide area, so it relieves user’s fatigue.
A chair to be used for hiking or camping should have a size appropriate for a backpack, and should not give load to a user. Normal tube and canvas foldable chair used outdoors are simple, too big and heavy to carry during hiking. For that reason, a foldable chair which is smaller and lighter, is more convenient to use outdoors. Besides, Rotate Chair’s maximum loading capacity is 145kg, so even though a man with a strong physique sits here, it is strong enough to be used conveniently.

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