The Coleman® FyreStorm® Stove combines the lightweight and compact design that backpackers and explorers need with the performance and convenience they want. The centerpiece of this stove, which only weighs 136 grams, is the revolutionary HyperFlame® burner. It utilizes a stair-stepping burner design and a unique flame pattern for faster, more even cooking in windy conditions. When combined with the ultra-compact Wind Block™ 360° wind protection, it is nearly impossible to blow out the flame. Not only does this stove allow for superior cooking performance under wind, it also offers a fast, one-step setup with its umbrella pop-up pan support. Similar to how an umbrella works, all that is needed is to slide the coupler up to extend the pan support and then with a slight twist to the right, lock it in place. Setup and disassembly of the stove only takes two seconds, and the extended pan support allows for a 20 cm pan to fit perfectly on top. When the meal is over, simply turn the coupler to the left and pull it down to retract the pan support. The Coleman® FyreStorm® Stove is now ready to be stowed away compactly, leaving plenty of room in your backpack for other gear.

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