Green Cotton
Alfheim is the true signature tent, ideal for events or glamping. It has an integrated internal roof ventilation system with adjustable roof top, and is very easy to build with just one middle pole – and with the additional zip-in-floor and tailored cabins with mesh net in the top, it turns into a real stargazer.
But the real innovative feature is the fabric, as Alfheim is made of organic and environmentally friendly ”Green Cotton”!
Cotton generally offers a superb and pleasant inner climate – cool and shady under a strong sun and relatively warm under cold conditions. But for many years it has been farmed to an extent where the process was at times compromising the nature it derives from.
This is the background for introducing ”Green Cotton”: A technology where the production is done without fertilizers and pesticides, offering a healthy way of processing cotton and thereby protecting the nature.
Green Cotton is a unique concept because we can document the environmental sensitivity that governs our choices down to the smallest detail. Green Cotton is manufactured, based on cotton and cotton yarns produced in EU according to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

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