Zivfower smart sport and stress relief boxing ball is both a health and fitness product and a stress relief leisure product. The core definition for the simple type: one person’s gym, do exercise anytime and anywhere. This novel and unique decompression sport meet all ages, all places, and it can burn calories and train your head, hands and eyes, and also gives you exercise advice.

. Support IOS / Android phones. Connect Bluetooth during sports, get and Analysis of the sports data, share datas directly to facebook. Make your sports more scientific and enjoyable.

. 360° all-directional training, improve hand-eye and limbs coordination, relax the necks, shoulders, limbs, head and eyes, strengthen the cardiopulmonary and relaxation.

. Fashionable training tool, can be used for many sports training, such as boxing, striking, free combat, etc.

. Portable and enables go-anywhere for all ages. Save money and time to go to the gym.

. Consist of leathern headband with sweat-absorbent layer cloth, PU gloves with built-in hardness EVA, BASF material ball with built-in firmware structure, chargable battery, Bluetooth gyros, Micro-USB charging cable.

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