The climbing helmet VAYU was designed with the purpose to find an excellent balance between weight, reliable protection and comfort, leading to outstanding performance in mountain sports, especially in climbing. The visual product language also reflects the new corporate design. First ever climbing helmet to use nanotube-polymer composite material in the outer shell, offering an extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio. This makes it possible to reduce the wall thickness and therefore the weight of the helmet to a minimum without compromising protection. The shock-absorbing elements of the inner shell are made from EPP (expanded polypropylene) which is a high performance plastic foam material with outstanding energy absorption. In contrast to most helmets that use EPS (expanded polystyrene), a material that will be permanently compressed when absorbing an impact, the VAYU made with EPP protects from multiple impacts without damage. Due to the exceptional stiffness of the material used in the outer shell, the helmet could be stretched to the limits, opening generous vents integrated in a sharp design that allow for a maximum airflow without sacrificing protection, keeping a cool head.

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