Mate 1: Soulmate
Our philosophy is simple and easy to use. Mate 1 was designed by lines, geometric symmetry, uni-body style; immense into art, it was like a harmonica with fashion.

Best material is essential in the design. Utilize eco-friendly brass to forge metal texture, and edible PC for safe vaping.

Purity: user-friendly vaping ideas

Innovation: Mate1, the first vaporizer adopting GCT, a Nano tech, presents strong antioxidation and keeps high cleanness by preventing ejuice’s carbides from gluing to the coil, so that it prolongs the vaporizer’s lifespan and keeps the taste pure.

Breakthrough: Utilize V-shape Injection System(VIS), it not only broke through vaping bottlenecks that with two airflow modes: bottom and top airflow, but was capable of dealing with the issues involving leakage and poor vapors, for bringing fantastic vaping experience for users.

Practical Structure: fast charge technology, G-senser for battery display, vibration motor for smartvaping reminders, eight protections to battery. Moreover, to satisfy vaper’s different requirements, Mate 1 can match with dual atomizer, including MTL & DL, and one device can recognize them simultaneously.

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