The Ta-Da Chair is a mobility aid device that containing the function of a walking stick and a portable chair.
(1) Simple turn the rotary switch to convert from a Walking Stick into the Portable Chair in 1 second, and back into a Walking Stick without great effort. Once converted into a portable chair, the tripod base maximizes stability and support. Easy to use by all persons.

(2) Once converted into a walking stick, the bulk weight of the collapsed portable chair is up near the stick's handle, thereby reducing the users' effort to swing and carry the cane. This aluminum cane can support up to 250 lbs (113Kg), yet weighs less than 2 lbs (0.9Kg), making it sturdy yet lightweight, and easily maneuvered throughout the course of walking.

(3) Once converted into a stick the bulk size of the collapsed portable chair is minimized in order to prevent unwanted collisions with surrounding objects

(4) Safeguards lock both the walking stick and portable chair into a fixed position, thereby eliminating risks associated with accidental utility conversion

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