Spectra is the most portable electrical mobility device even, increasing transportation efficiency by changing how people move.
With the length of 490mm, it’s the smallest electrical skateboard, and the lightest with 2 direct-drive hub motors (5.5kg for Spectra Pro, 4.5kg for Spectra Lite). Unlike other e-skateboards, Spectra is controlled directly by the user’s postures with an intelligent posture detecting algorithm and pressure sensors instead of a Bluetooth remote.
Spectra is also much safer than all self-balancing products due to a 4-wheel structure, a carbon fibre case, a reliable battery management system, smart LEDs interactions, and most importantly, intelligent breaking module (regenerating power, electromagnetic ABS break).
Being connected to WALNUTT App, the user can lock/unlock Spectra, record traveling path data, and share their Spectra to others or request a nearby Spectra for use.
Having the extreme portability, the maximum speed of 35km/h, a range of 20km, and a charging time of 90 minutes with an unique magnetic charger,Spectra is a disruptive and innovative product in the field of personal transportation providing a safe and fun experience.

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