Skittles Christmas small tin is a decent gifting for friends and families during Christmas season. The contemporary design with Christmas elements of Santa Claus, Reindeer and Christmas tree well demonstrate Christmas look and feel. The oval shape of tin provide an unique look that stands out from other tin gifting products in market, being elegant and friendly to consumers. The delicate embossing design with different depths dramatizes the graphic and provides a premium look and feel. The structure design of the top silicon bracelet part integrates with the graphic design on the body of the tin really well.Skittles Christmas small tin is not only beautifully designed but smartly designed with multi-functionality. First of all, the overall shape with the silicon head makes it a good-looking “purse” or “box” after finishing confection consumption – the tin could be put in small belongings and be carried around or stored at home. Secondly, the silicon bracelet could be taken away separately and wore during Christmas time, embracing the holiday atmosphere.

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