The star among the scooters: For the more athletic kids smarTrike® presents the innovative SkiScooter and therefore a truly revolutionary product that delivers amazing stunts and freestyle rides, just like skiing! Kids move the two-legged, three-wheeled Scoooter by rhythmic movements of the hips. Sharp turns can be accomplished as well as acrobatics. Thanks to its Swiss design and its patented technology the innovative SkiScooter features two-stage (locked/rotable), multi-directional foot plates that slope in accordance with the natural body movement and speed. Due to the patented dynamic flex tilt system, the scooter’s footbars are dynamic and adapt to changing terrains in a clever way. The tilting handlebar allows kids to slide in a wide angle to the side. Simultaneously, the upper part of the handlebar also tilts forward to counteract the centrifugal force during sliding. In addition, the intuitive SkiScooter activates the leg muscles, reduces body weight on the knees, trains at the same time balance, motor skills and strengthens self-confidence.

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