SideBuddy is an extendible trailer for bicycles which can be connected either on the side of your bicycle or in the back of it. Designed around ergonomics, safety, and multifunctionality, The main idea of this product is to provide a new and efficient way for bikers to carry large volume cargo (up to 120 kg) such as grocery bags, boxes, furniture, kids, pets, surfing boards and more!
A new and innovative way how to use your bicycles for various purposes, for instance, it can be converted into a baby stroller or shopping cart.
The adjustable folding seats allow the trailer to fit up to three small sized children and has room for a baby seat inside. Can be also used for street vending and postal service
Designed to create more adventurous trips for the kids, providing a complete 120 degrees Vision to the passengers and is possible to customize in different colors and customized patterns.
Its unique position lateral to the bike means that children are kept in a safe position. Even if you need to go on the road with cars, the children can be positioned next to the sidewalk, moreover, it has the option to add LED Lighting for your night rides, which makes it extra safe

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