SHR Flex is a Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) system for racecar drivers. Like all FHR, it has a “collar” worn around the neck with “legs” down the chest held in position by a regular racing harness, and with the racer’s helmet tethered to the collar.

Unlike competitors, SHR Flex’s collar is unobtrusively compact during normal driving and uses impact kinematics to hinge up to a controlled “safe” (high) position during a crash. This manages impact loads and reduces risk of basilar skull fractures. Uniquely flexible soft legs contour to all body types and automatically accommodate all seating configurations. Sculpted ribs on the underside provide comfort without secondary padding. SHR Flex’s novel helmet clip is easy to use blind with gloved hands, and cannot inadvertently unlatch.

SHR Flex’s visual brand language communicates its unique function by exposing the hinge and using red bump-stops. Instead of typical organic styling, SHR Flex has a technical appearance and angled contours that stand out among the competition. Its collar’s through-holes reduce weight, route the helmet tethers into the optimal position, and further establish a unique visual design language for the product.

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