JIMMY’Z, THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. As popular as the Shisha (US: Hookah) among young adults is, the preparation process and its maintenance is hugely complex. The product idea was to radically simplify the handling of a traditional Shisha and to give it a luxury, eye-catching design, in order to attract a much wider audience then with a traditional Shisha. The usage of this worldwide unique Shisha could not be more easy: Just insert the Nespresso alike, nicotine-free capsule, press the start button and the rechargeable batteries heat up the capsule, ready for an amazing Shisha session with good friends. Given the consumer friendly dimensions and weight of the device, it perfectly allows a mobile usage – wherever, whenever. Highest care was also taken in replacing tobacco and nicotine by a healthy active ingredient called matcha, a caffeinated japanese green tea, that supports concentration and calm at the same time. Brand name: JIMMY’Z Product name: Qalian Dimensions: height 36cm, diameter 8cm Available colors: Gold, Silver, Black Patents: design, technology, capsule, active ingredient (matcha&caffeine) Product launch: April/May 2016

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