The Mellow Drive is a first of its kind – a mountable electric drive that fits any skateboard. Which makes it the most compact e-mobility solution for the city.

For the Mellow Drive we combined the characteristics of a skateboard with precise engineering.
Like a normal skateboard truck, mounting the Mellow Drive is only a matter of four screws and a few simple steps.
A magnesium unibody protects the electronics and the battery pack.
Inside the regular size skateboard wheels there are two motors that accelerate to topspeeds of up to 40km/h.

The user interface of the Drive is just one button surrounded by an LED display that shows the state of charge.
While the Mellow Remote is an intuitive slide control that moves forward to accelerate and backwards to brake. With all functions at your fingertips you can also switch riding modes or check your state of charge while riding.
And thanks to the swappable battery pack the 15km ride can easily be extended on the go.

Made in Germany, the perfection of each individual part of the Mellow Drive ensures for longevity in every day use.

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