Mastodonts is a family of wood magnetic toys. Minimal design. Architectonic inspired pieces. From one body you can build four different animals just by changing the heads, mouths and ears. You have 22 pieces to built 4 different Mastodonts. And you will not be able to see the four different animals until you put all the pieces together. No plastic, no paint, no varnish, no glue. It is all just beech wood and magnets. It is finished with wax made of olive oil and beeswax. The whole set of one body and four different heads is presented in a box made of poplar and cardboard beds for the different pieces. The boxes are inspired in zoo boxes (animal transportation). We also include a cloth and a tin of wax so as to maintain the Mastodonts in perfect shape.
Design challenge: to design a number of wooden pieces that when all apart seem mechanical pieces but when you put them together they are 4 animals that share the same body.
We believe that toys can have both design and being 100% natural.

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