Meet LOU
The LOU board looks like a regular skateboard, but is a “game changer.” It makes the “last mile” the “best mile of transportation”. The lightest, thinnest, fastest and easiest-to-handle E-board in its class, it allows the owner to glide silently for up to 25 km and accelerate effortlessly up to 35 km/h without exertion. Developed by skaters, Swiss designers and engineers, it combines the highest technical standards with an unprecedented robustness. The Swiss crosshatch pattern on the deck is designed for better grip while you ride. Beneath the deck, which can optionally be of coloured synthetic material or precious genuine wood, LOU is made of carbon fibers. When braking, the engine generates energy. Thanks to its light weight of less than four kilograms, it also offers commuters the ideal combination of everyday convenience and driving pleasure. The team of designers, skaters and engineers had to come up with a name that could match such a sleek and powerful electric machine. The name had to be strong, fast, easy to pronounce and multilingual. With LOU, a Scottish word for love, a name was finally found that met all these requirements.

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