Litelok Gold Wearable is our new, longer range of unisex bicycle locks that can be safely worn around your hips while you cycle.

To wear, wrap your Litelok around your hips and close it using the integrated Lock Stopper. The Lock Stopper keeps the Litelok securely fastened around your body without locking so you don’t need a key. It acts as a quick release mechanism to open & close the Litelok, letting you easily put it on & off. When it’s time to secure your bike, take the Litelok off, remove the Lock Stopper and then click together to lock your bike. Keys only needed to open.

Traditional secure bike locks are heavy and awkward to carry. However, Litelok Gold Wearables are light, flexible & strong – rated Gold by independent testers Sold Secure. Litelok’s strap is made from our patented material Boaflexicore, a high-tensile metal & polymer composite. We offer neoprene skins to fix around Liteloks, its retro-reflective print helps you stay visible as car lights pointed at you will make the skins glow.

They come in three sizes: Small, Medium & Large:

Small – Weight: 1.31 Kg, Length: 925mm
Medium – Weight: 1.40 Kg, Length 1000mm
Large – Weight: 1.46 Kg, Length 1075mm

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