The cigarette-heated e-cigarette “lil” is the abbreviation of “a little is a lot”. It pursues for freedom and liberty which are made from the technology of reduction and the aesthetics of saving. With the application of natural balance to all parts of the product, it is designed for anyone to use in an easy and convenient way. For the easy use for all users, all mechanical factors in all angles were completely removed so that only one button which is softly connected to all shapes of the product enables all functions of the product to be controlled, thus giving the best usability and sense of grip.
Its philosophy of reduction and saving is also kept consistent in the interface. For subsequent use, the user of the traditional product has to wait for a certain time. But, the product “lil” is designed to connect the charging part to the vaporing part as one-piece. So, the user can use the product without waiting. With application of this reasonable layout, the weight of product has been reduced to only 90g, which is just similar to half the weight of the smart phone.

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