PAX Labs recently developed JUUL, the first e-cigarette to deliver satisfaction with game-changing chemistry in an elegant, modern design. To develop the device, PAX Labs started by closely studying the differences between cigarettes and e-cigarettes, and discovered something critical. All current e-cigarettes use nicotine in “free base” form, which doesn’t exist in cigarettes. In cigarettes, nicotine is instead found in a salt form. PAX Labs reverse engineered nicotine’s natural salt state to uniquely mirror the experience smokers expect with their proprietary e-liquid formula. JUUL’s patented juice formula delivers a revolutionary nicotine experience akin to a cigarette to meet the standards of smokers, with a liquid-to-wick cartridge system that enables consistent, flavorful vapor. The device’s design incorporates multiple innovative inventions: regulating temperature in real-time; a tiny microphone pressure sensor; a custom battery for size and efficiency; a patented delivery system; and their unique JUULpod heater coil crimping mechanism.

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