JIMMY’Z Vape is truly unique and possibly the world’s smartest vaporizer. It consists of two pieces: an (a) aluminium body and (2) exchangeable “flavor+ capsules”, to be placed into the body

(1) Aluminium Body
(a) Design
We wanted to create a landmark: Anodized top aluminium, long design lines, smooth curves that all together feel perfect in the hand. It took 2 years to finish this masterpiece, which is eye catching and very new to the vape world

(b) Simplicity
Great design must be practical to be accepted by consumer. Our one-click-system delivers this promise. Strong magnets keep both parts strongly together. Opening the body to insert or change the refill caps couldn’t be easier

(2) Exchangeable flavor+ capsules
(a) The “flavor+” ingredients are totally new and scientifically tested: Instead of nicotine we have developed a modern and socially accepted active ingredient, based on matcha & caffeine, to deliver steady relaxed energy and mixed with superb Italian flavor
(b) Wonderfully looking, chromed aluminium capsules, backed by a clever, free of charge recycle system

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